Where Needed Most

Jesus for Asia has over 40 projects in Asia and some of these projects are underfunded. Funds donated to “Where Needed Most” go to defray administrative costs and to assist projects which are underfunded.

These funds support the overall work of Jesus for Asia and are also used in the areas of greatest need!



Why Asia?

More than half of the world’s population lives in Asia and it is the most unreached region in the world. 90% of all unreached people groups are in Asia! Jesus for Asia supports more than 40 projects in India, Thailand, Philippines, and Cambodia.

All of our projects have one primary goal: Share the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ with the beautiful people of Asia. By supporting Jesus for Asia, you are able to support all of our projects simultaneously and make sure no project gets left behind.

“JFA volunteers are a blessing to the ministry in our region. They sacrifice much to do evangelism in new villages.”

-Pastor Mohan

The Dharmapuri Region