Widows Sewing School

Widows in India live difficult lives.

No one will marry them again and without a husband to provide income they are often forced to beg or sell themselves.

We are seeking to change this pattern through our Widow’s Sewing School by teaching widows the trade of sewing. This skill will help them provide for themselves and their families.

Help us give dignity and support to these daughters of God!

There are over 40 million widows in India and they are often forced to beg or sell themselves to make a living because they are uneducated and can’t get a job. Our Widows’ Sewing School is changing that, one woman at a time! This school teaches the women how to sew, giving them with a better way of providing for their families! Currently, we are working on opening up another Widows’ Sewing School in Odisha.

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Want to see more? Here is a video about the Widows’ Schools.

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“You have opened the door for us to be able to take care of our children now! Thank you!”

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