As we shared in last week’s email, God has placed a burden on the Howell family’s heart to serve as missionaries in Cambodia. They spent the first half of 2020 there, helping train teachers for the Cambodia Boarding Academy project, but they had to come back to America in late June to take care of some loose ends. They are excited to go back now that the doors to Cambodia are opening again, but the country’s COVID-19 travel requirements have made returning significantly more expensive than it would have been in previous years.

For their family of four to return to Cambodia, the Howells have a launching goal of $20,000, half of which has been pledged as a matching grant! To give you a better idea of what the Howells’ needs are, here is a breakdown of their main expenses.

Quarantine Fees: $2000 per person x 4 = $8,000
The Cambodian government is requiring each person entering the country to give a deposit upon entry to cover costs of two COVID tests, stay at a quarantine facility if someone on the flight tests positive, and treatment if necessary.

Tickets: $856 x4 = $3,424

Extra Luggage: 2 bags @ $200 each = $400
The Howells would like to bring tools and other items that are not easily accessible in Cambodia.

Hotel: $60 daily x 14 = $840
If no one on the flight has COVID, the Howells will be self-quarantined in a hotel for 13-14 days (this does not come out of the $2,000 deposit). At the end of this they have to be retested. In the event that someone tests positive They will have to quarantine for an additional two weeks. The Howells are also researching the possibility of staying in an apartment or guest house.

Food During Self-Quarantine: $10 a meal x 3 meals a day per person = $120 a day x 15 = $1800.
If the Howells are able to get an apartment or guest house then they can cook their meals which would be significantly less expensive than eating at a hotel. Grocery cost would be around $100 a week, or $200 for the two weeks.

Ground Transportation: $150
The Howells are planning on taking a bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang, which should cost approximately $100. The remaining balance is for back and forth from the airport to the hotel in Phnom Penh, and from the bus station to their home in Battambang.

30 Day Visa (required upon entry): $176
One Year Visa (obtained after entry): $1480

Health Insurance (required by the Cambodian Government): $50,000 policy per person averaged $120 per month (x 4 = $480) or, if needed, $250 for three months (x 4 = $1,000).

Language learning: 75 hrs (8 1-month sessions ) @ 495 x 4 = $3,960
60 hrs (4 1-month sessions) $395 x 4 = $1580
Language learning is an instrumental step in being able to effectively work with the Cambodian people. 

Smaller personal expenses, such as food during travel, have not been included in this list. 

We invite you to please keep the Howells and these needs in your prayers as they prepare to return to the place where God has called them. If God is leading you to support their financial needs at this time, please click the button below, and remember, every dollar given up to $10,000 is worth $2! 

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration