From left: Danielle, Alysa, Natalie, and Lloyd Howell; Ethan, Mark and Candace Woodward

One of the most special moments of FaithCamp East this year was dedicating two families for their upcoming mission service.

The Howell and Woodward families came together to FaithCamp East 2018, and each felt the call to become missionaries in Asia. Since then, they have sold homes and belongings, and despite many challenges, they have stayed firm to God’s call and the special work He has prepared for them. 

Lloyd and Natalie Howell, with their daughters Danielle and Alysa, will be moving to Cambodia to work on the Cambodia Boarding Academy Project

Mark and Candace Woodward, with their sons Matthew and Ethan, will be going to Bangkok, Thailand to begin studying the Thai language. Matthew, who is currently part of a mission training program in Belize, will be doing an internship at the F5 Center with Brian and Jessica Atwell. 

Sabbath morning, we called both families up to the front and introduced them to the congregation. Then we gathered around and laid hands on each of them, praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on their lives and on their mission. 

Is it not for this purpose that God has called us? To seek the lost, point them to Jesus, and encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same? 

Sending these new missionaries into the Lord’s harvest field has been such a blessing. We are excited to see what God has in store for them! We will share information on how to follow their journey once it becomes available

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