Soul Harvest

JFA Thailand Media Team 

In November, our Thailand Media Team (formerly known as the Love for Asia Media Team) was invited to film and broadcast the “Soul Harvest” program in northern Thailand.  This was a reaping program after a month of groundwork had been done in the area. The special Sabbath program was held at the San Sai SDA Church, 15 minutes east of Chiang Mai.  

On Sabbath morning, the church was completely full. The people’s hearts were touched by the powerful testimonies, beautiful special musics, and by the inspiring sermon which was given by Pastor Niratisai Aipan, the Thailand Adventist Mission President. 

Click here to watch a one minute video about this very special event. 

The team created a promotional video to invite people to this special program. They were also able to live stream the whole event! They had a large online audience and many people responded positively to the program. 

We praise God for the 58 new souls that accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and were baptized!

Please remember our media team in Thailand in your prayers. They are very busy spreading the Gospel throughout one of the least-reached countries in the world. Learn more about LFA here

From Earthly Riches to Heavenly Treasure

Part 3

(Previously we learned how their lives began to change after Ramon made a commitment to study the Spirit of Prophecy and Shandy was deeply touched during FaithCamp Indonesia.)

Part 3

Because of their experience at FaithCamp, Ramon and Shandy answered a call to establish a satellite television station called HCBN (He’s Coming Broadcasting Network) to reach Indonesia. They had no experience in television production, but they moved forward in faith and persevered with God’s help. Many in Indonesia watch the station and call in asking for Bible studies, spiritual books, and requests for home visits. 

Many viewers have been baptized after learning Bible truth.

For example, one 14-year-old Buddhist girl prayed every day to Buddha asking for the path to happiness. Then one night, she had a dream of Buddha coming to her and telling her that happiness is found in Jesus. She thought this was impossible because Jesus is the God of the Christians. However, the next day she searched the internet for “Jesus,” and found HCBN. She watched all the programs she could find, found Jesus, fell in love with Him, and became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Click here to watch a three minute video about HCBN Indonesia.   

If you would like to support the ministry of HCBN as they share the good news of Jesus across Indonesia, changing lives for eternity and building heavenly treasure, click here. And please pray for more laborers to join them in the work of preparing programs for broadcast.

Upcoming Events

FaithCamp West 
June 26-30, 2019
Hayden, Idaho

 Hayden Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church 
12940 N Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835

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