Susanna is a Jesus for Asia Bible Worker in India. She takes care of the Adventist churches in two villages that would have closed without her. The leaders in one village hate her because every time she makes a new friend, someone new gives their life to Jesus. They told the villagers not to trust her. “She doesn’t care about you; she doesn’t want to be your friend; all she wants to do is change your religion.”

Susanna did not let their lies stop her. She did love these people, and she wanted to share with them that Jesus loved them too and died for each one of them. So, she kept praying, and God kept opening doors.

One of the leaders hated her so much that he determined to find her and beat her so she would leave. He would purify his village from all her Christian foolishness.

He went to the church, the market, and even to church leaders’ homes, but Susanna was not there. He searched for many days with no results. Everywhere he thought she would be, she wasn’t. Little did he know, Susanna had prayed for the Lord to blind his eyes so he could not find her – just like the angels did for Lot.

One day, the Lord allowed him find her in the middle of the bustling village center. “You!” He shouted, “If you keep sharing this Bible, this Jesus, in my village, I will kill you. You need to leave and never come back to this place…”

Then, although he was furious at the very sight of her, he simply turned around and walked home. The Lord was protecting his servant, even as the threat of death stared her in the eye.

Susanna trusted that God would protect her. She had much more faith in Him than she had fear of the man who threatened her. So she continued to share Christ with the villagers.

Little did she know how God would arrange events to bring this man to be a friend!

And now, the rest of the story… 
The following Sabbath, the man came to the church, ready to carry out his threat. But once again, she wasn’t there. The bus she rode to church each week was running late. The man decided it wasn’t worth the wait and stalked home, still fuming.

When Susanna arrived at the church, the church members told her what had happened. They all gathered together, knelt down, and prayed over the situation. 


The next day, another strange event occurred. The man who had threatened Susanna for so long, crashed his bicycle and was sent to the hospital with two broken legs. When he got back from the hospital, he was restricted to his bed to let them heal. 


Despite his threats, despite his hatred of her, Susanna went to the man’s house to pray for his healing. He saw how she cared about him, even though she should hate him, and that touched his heart. He allowed her to continue praying at his home every day. He gave up his desire to kill her, and now, He and Susanna have even become friends. The Holy Spirit moved in his life to melt his anger and disproved his false assumptions. Please pray that God will continue to work in his life and the lives of the villagers Susanna serves.
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