Mindoro Outreach’s new missionary van has officially been commissioned for service!

Just a few short weeks ago, Pete and Jessica, the missionaries who run the Mindoro Outreach project in the Philippines were discouraged. They weren’t sure if God wanted them to continue their ministry. They weren’t sure how they could continue it without a working vehicle, and they had no money with which to purchase one. (Click here to read more about this situation and the needs of the people Mindoro Outreach serves.)

Now, thanks to God’s boundless grace and the prayers and gifts of many Spirit-led donors, the Mindoro Outreach project was able to purchase a new vehicle big enough to fill all their needs and reliable enough to serve the ministry for years to come!

Pete and Jessica sent us a video a couple weeks ago (see above) of their first medical evacuation in the new vehicle. In the video, Pete shared, “Our hearts are still full of gratitude, praises for our God…[for] this missionary car that all of you there ha[ve] given to the ministry of Mindoro.”

Since then, they have been able to complete their second life-saving medical evacuation, and carry precious food and supplies to the children in their mountain schools.

Pete and Jessica are also now able to transport the teachers, who are all Filipino missionaries, to and from the villages.

Many medical evacuations from the mountains of Mindoro start like this, with the sick or injured being carried down to the nearest road. From there, Pete and Jessica drive the person to the hospital, make sure their needs are taken care of, and visit them until they are well.

Since COVID-19, travel has been heavily restricted in the Philippines, and the villagers in the mountains have not allowed any outsiders to enter the village except for Pete and Jessica and those they bring with them. Pete and Jessica are inspired by how God has kept the doors for service open in this way and now through their new van as well!

Thank you all for the prayers you have given for Mindoro Outreach. Please continue praying for the villagers to know their Savior and accept Him into their hearts, and for God to continually grow and strengthen the Mindoro missionaries. 

If you would like to learn more about Mindoro Outreach or support their ministry financially, click the button below. Your gift will help to sponsor the missionaries and teachers and provide food for the children in the village schools.