Wow! It has been almost 4 months since I have written an update. To say things have been a bit overwhelming would be an understatement. Building a climbing gym, Bible Worker training, finishing renovation work on the rest of the building as well as being parents has been about all that we have had time for, and even then it’s been a stretch. Oh yea and we bought an Italian pizzeria. Click here.

Thank you! 

Here are some words of gratitude for your support of our Bible worker program straight from the people you are impacting.

Thanking you, the JFA donors and workers involved in this program. You are bringing changes to our people in the Assam Region. The Assam Region of India has a few SDA workers, and only a few regular workers. This makes the JFA Bible Workers a huge impact to the Region. May God continue to bless you with good health and longevity.

These Bible Workers truly need our support via prayers and donations.  They live such simple lives, not having a fraction of the luxury or ease we have here in America.  Yet, they are so cheerful, appreciative, and willing to share what they have! Most go out on foot or bicycle daily to share Jesus with their neighbors in nearby villages. 

By working together, we can all be a part of reaching the “least of these” in India.
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Where is Kerry Now?

Kerry Juliano flew to Thailand in mid-March, she is now living in a village with Lisa Sharon. (Lisa is a busy mom of four girls, who homeschools while also ministering to the needs of the villagers.)

Kerry is serving as a volunteer nurse helping Lisa treat the many villagers that come to their house for medical care. Some days they go out to villages further away doing what they can to relieve suffering while pointing them to the Source of all healing.
Kerry is also teaching a health class to Lisa’s girls and helping out wherever she can.  

A brief summary from Kerry:
For now, God has me in Thailand 🇹🇭 And I love it! 
So far I’ve climbed a coconut tree, learned how to use a machete, successfully put two stitches in a girl who cut her finger, and visited people in the villages on a motorbike. There have been so many adventures, and I’m learning so much! God is good!

The young woman on the right is Lily.  She is hearing and learning about Jesus for the very first time.  Please pray for her as she learns more!

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