What Will Prayer do Anyway?

Within the Hindu caste system, the Brahmins are the highest and most honored. Hindus believe that to be a Brahmin, a person must have earned a lot of good karma in his or her previous lives. The Brahmins’ role is to study Hindu scriptures, perform religious rituals, and exemplify peace, kindness, and generosity in their communities. 

Among the Indian castes, the Brahmins are the most difficult to reach with the Gospel. For Brahmins, to become a Christian is essentially to die. Even if they do not suffer physical persecution for rejecting their faith, they almost always lose their caste and are ostracized from their communities. This is damaging not only to their bodies but to their pride, and most Brahmins are not willing to take the risk. 

But often, what seems impossible for us is an opportunity for God.

Mohan* and his family live in Western India. They were part of the Brahmin caste, but despite their social standing they suffered greatly. Mohan’s wife was lame, and his sons could not find work. They had suffered financial problems for a long time and their situation was becoming critical.

Their lives began to change however, when Joseph*, a Jesus for Asia Bible Worker, traveled to their village. When Joseph heard of their financial difficulties, he told them about the God he served and encouraged them to pray to Him and ask for a solution to their problems. 

Joseph brought the family a copy of the New Testament, and Mohan’s wife read and shared it with them. The more they learned about the Lord, the more hope they had that their prayers would be answered. The other villagers, however, thought Mohan’s family was foolish. They mocked them and attempted to change their minds.

“What will prayer do?” they asked.

But Mohan and his family did not listen. They continued to pray with Joseph and grow their knowledge of God. After some time, their prayers were answered! The financial problem was solved and both of Mohan’s sons found good jobs. 

They were so overjoyed at the gift God had given them that they hosted a celebration feast for 60 family members. They openly declared their Faith in Jesus Christ, and 12 of them were baptized that same day. They became the first believers in their village.

Instead of being ejected from their village and their family for “breaking caste,” they were accepted and even listened to. We have never heard of this taking place in that society. Ever! God performed a huge miracle in and for this family, all through the help of the team, the partnership God has established through Jesus for Asia, that sends people like Joseph into these unentered areas.

Since then, Mohan and his family have continued to pray and share the Gospel with their relatives. Through this family, doors have been opened for Joseph to preach the Word to over five other Brahmin families and the numbers are continuing to grow as the warming light of the Gospel spreads.

Please pray for Joseph and the other Bible Workers throughout India as they endeavor to build God’s kingdom throughout its thousands of towns and villages.

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* Names have been changed.