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    Timor-Leste’s First Ever Campmeeting!

    Timor-Leste is one of the world’s newest countries – gaining independence from Indonesia in 2002. The president of the Adventist church there has asked us to help conduct the first ever camp meeting in the country and so we are bringing in speakers from America and Asia and conducting a FaithCamp-style program with an emphasis on basic Bible truths especially the picture of Christ as our personal savior. The cost to fly to Timor-Leste is quite high so we are appealing to you to help make this happen.

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    FaithCamp is where the Great Commission is embraced, and encouraged. It is where you can hear the experiences of missionaries and mission advocates, and get inspired to be involved in God’s work; a launching pad. There have been more than 25 FaithCamps held in 5 countries, with many people sent into full time mission service as a result! Your donation will help support and promote these events, and open the doors for more!

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    Where Needed Most

    Invest in Jesus for Asia

    When you “Invest in Jesus for Asia,” you support the nearly 50 projects listed below, and also allow us to move into new strategic projects as the opportunities present themselves. Giving here lets us continue to honor our promise that 100% of funds donated to our missionaries, Bible Workers, or other projects goes directly there. Thank you for your investment!