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  • j68033

    Bangladesh Churches

    Churches are needed in Bangladesh. More info soon.

  • j68001

    Outpost Center for Bangkok Outreach

    We found land that is perfectly situated at a great climbing rock just 1.5 hours from the F5 Fitness Center (Center of Influence) in Bangkok. This land will provide access to the climbing rock, open the possibility of developing a summer camp (the first in Thailand), and provide the workers a much needed break from the city.

    Negotiations for the land are on-going but we estimate $100,000 for roughly 5 acres.

    Here’s a video of Brian visiting the property: Bangkok Outpost Property.

  • j1274

    Where Needed Most

    Your donation will go to where the need is greatest at the time, as well as enabling Jesus for Asia to continue to provide support for all its projects.

  • j67650

    Bangladesh School

    During a recent trip to Bangladesh, our Filipino missionaries discovered a school building that had been built over 20 years ago but had been lying dormant for the last 15 years or so. We have a great desire to reestablish this school because schools are a very powerful and needed way to build up the church for the next generations!

  • j55879
    Bible Worker

    Bible Workers: All

    Bible Workers are one of the most cost effective ways to truly grow the Kingdom of God. They are the voice, the face, the presence of the word of God, going door to door, meeting people, praying for them, teaching them the Bible and to look to the Heavenly Father for blessings and hope and eternal life. They already speak the language and understand the culture. They don’t need a plane ticket to get there.

    Jesus for Asia has Bible workers in several countries. This fund covers wherever they may be.